Spitronics ITBS Matrix Tuning

Spitronics Matrix Tuning For Individual Throttle Bodied Engines

  • 3 hours
  • 1 150 South African rand

Service Description

This is for vehicles that have individual throttle bodies and aggressive cams. These engines have very bad vacuum and need to be tuned on a 3D Matrix Map, in order to do this the TPS "Throttle Position Sensor" needs to be wired through the Spitronics ECU. Tuning on these vehicles take longer then usual. 2-4 Hours Please note the following •Don't bring us a vehicle to tune that does not have a battery in! •Make sure you have enough petrol for fuel pressure reasons. "This can greatly affect the tune, if you are running low on petrol, you can have low fuel pressure while we tune the vehicle. This will affect AFR readings" •This is a tuning appointment! We will not repair or finish your Spitronics install for the same price or time frame. •Please make sure the vehicle has no major mec