Spitronics Mercury 2 ECU Kit

Spitronics Mercury 2 ECU Kit



  • Spitronics Mercury2 ECU
  • Spitronics External Map Sensor
  • MO5-P1 , MO4-P4 , M03-P3 , M02-P2 Wiring Harnass
  • 2x 4pin Bosch Relays
  • Spitronics Software CD

The MERCURY2 Control Unit is designed to be a cost effective replacement for high tech Engine Control Units (ECU) and Transmission Control Units (TCU). It uses unique and easy features which are easy to install and tune. It is designed with the novice and professional installer in mind.

This universal South African made product that can easily be customized for various engines or transmissions. It can be used for many applications such as racing engines, vehicle conversions, custom built vehicles, replacement parts for production vehicles etc. It is a compact reliable system which is epoxy filled to make it rugged and water tight for harsh environments and easy to mount in the driver’s compartment.

The Mercury2 unit is designed to connect directly to most sensors and drive units that is found on engines and transmissions. No need to modify them. It consist of the latest in high speed micro controllers with surface mount technology. These units are machine soldered to minimize human error.

The Mercury2 cover features like Lambda control, idle control, launch control, fuel pressure control, cam control, line pressure control, tiptronic gear control, stepper motor control and lots more. It has 8 positive drivers that can be converted to 12 coil igniter drivers for V12 engines. It has 8 negative injector drivers that can do full sequential injection for V8 engines and semi-sequential for V12 engines. 4 Negative drivers for GP outputs, rpm output, relay and electronic relay outputs. These drivers are ranging from 3.5 Amp to 6 Amp.

There are 9 analog input signals to measure water, air or oil temperature, throttle position, manifold pressure, lambda, fuel pressure, altitude etc. Then there are 4 trigger inputs to measure crank, cam & prop shaft angles.

The software is user-friendly and makes all the above features customizable by the tuner. This makes the Mercury2 adaptable for most engines and transmissions. Activations of features can be done over the internet making the unit viable to keep in stock and customize on demand.

This Mercury2 was designed to be universal and adaptable. Some firmware are customized to suit customers. New applications can easily be incorporated. Upgrades can be done over the internet.

  • Features

    ECU Features

    Note that these are all the current features covered by the mercury2. There are some on the charts that is in the process to be developed in the future. The hardware has the capability for it. Also note that not all of the features may be included on the same ECU as there is limited amount of drivers available. Some of the hardware classes may not include certain features due to the price range. See the selection chart for the ability of the different classes.

    Fuel Delivery

    • Accurate fueling such as batch, Split Batch, Split Sequential, and Full Sequential gives better performance and fuel consumption due to constant atomization on each cylinder.
    • Fueling is done in graph or matrix method for the tuners preference.
    • All graphs or matrix data are interpolated to smooth fuel calculation accuracy for best performance though the operating ranges.
    • Fuel is calculated with MAP sensor or TPS versus RPM signals or a combination of the 2. This will accommodate most engines ranging from street to racing and from economy to performance.
    • Other sensors that are used to alter the fuel mixture are Water, Air, Altitude, Lambda, Battery Volts, Fuel Pressure and throttle response.
    • Fuel injection timing is adjustable on gear type crank angle sensors as low as 12 pulses per revolution.
    • Adjustable MAP sensor reading angle for multiple throttle body systems