The Acewell ACE-7659 simultaneously displays tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, bar-graph temperature meter, gear indicator & 4×4 symbol.

The extra temperature sensor input can be used to add a sender to show oil temperature if required or measure ambient air.
Warning lamps meet requirements of IVA / MSVA / MOT test
4×4 symbol can be switched on when 4 wheel or diff-lock drive selected, switched off by default and not visible
Compatible with both car and motorcycle PETROL engined vehicles
Gear indicator calculates gear by comparing speed and RPM on manual gearbox cars, so no additional sensors are required
0-60 timer, 60-0 timer, 0-1/4 mile timer

  • Specifications



    Model Number ACE-7659
    Digial Speed Readout (SPD) 0 – 248MPH / 400Km/h
    Maximum Speed Display (MAX SPD) 0 – 248MPH / 400Km/h
    Average Speed Display (AVG) 0 – 248MPH / 400Km/h
    Max Speed Sensor Input Frequency 7KHz (reed sensor / hall sensor / cable drive / electronic gearbox speed sensors)
    Odometer (ODO) 0-999,999 km / 0-624,999 miles
    Trip Meter 2 trips, 0-999 km / 0-625 miles
    Clock 12 / 24 hour clock, also displayed when ignition is off
    Resettable Riding Timer (RT) 0 – 99h 59min 59sec
    Non-resettable Riding Timer (TT) 0 – 9999h 59min
    Resettable Engine Hour Meter (HRT) 0 – 9999h 59min
    Engine Hour Meter (HRTT) 0 – 9999h 59min
    Maintenance Reminder 0-99H59’59” / 100H-999H59′ / 0-10000km / 0-6000Miles
    Temperature Gauge maximum 160c / 320f
    Temperature Sensors 1 Engine
    Warning Lamps 10
    Gear Indicator 1-8, N, R, P
    Digital Rev Counter 0-20,000 RPM
    Bar Chart Rev Counter 0-10,000 / 0-20,000 RPM
    Operating Power 12v (DC, Negative earth)
    Voltmeter 8v-18v
    Bar Chart Fuel Gauge Input Resistance off / reserve / 0-1000 config
    Back light Back light and power switched independently
    Battery Charge Warning Undercharge and overcharge warning
    Connector Plugs 110 series
    Plastic Case Dimensions 170mm x 100.5mm x 30mm
    Case black plastic case
    Power On ignition key
    Enter Odometer Reading When New odometer distance can be altered when the number displayed is less than 30km or 18 miles, once this number is exceeded the distance is locked in memory and cannot be altered
    Compatible Wheel Size 1-3999mm
  • Included In Box

    Included in the box

    • Head unit
    • 1 x Temperature Sensor
    • Mounting Kit: stainless steel nuts, washers, anti vibration washers
    • Speed Sensor: Reed sensor or hall sensor options
    • Mating multi-pin plugs and cables to solder / crimp into bike wiring (pigtails)
    • Operating Instructions
    • Wiring diagram
  • Features

    Acewell ACE-7659 Features:

    • Digital Speed Readout (SPD)
    • Maximum Speed Display (MAX SPD)
    • Average Speed Display (AVG)
    • Odometer (ODO)
    • Trip Meter
    • Clock
    • Resettable Riding Timer (RT)
    • Non-resettable Riding Timer (TT)
    • Resettable Engine Hour Meter (HRT)
    • Engine Hour Meter (HRTT)
    • Maintenance Reminder
    • Temperature Gauge
    • Temperature Sensors
    • High Temperature Warning Lamp
    • Warning Lamps
    • Warning Symbols Backlit
    • Gear Indicator
    • Acceleration / Deceleration Timer
    • Digital Rev Counter
    • Programmable Shift Light
    • Bar Chart Rev Counter
    • Voltmeter
    • Bar Chart Fuel Gauge
    • Back light
    • Battery Charge Warning
    • Waterproof Computer
    • Plastic Case
    • Enter Odometer Reading When New
    • EMI/EMS Tested CE And E-Marked
    • Vibration (8G) And Mechanical Shock (100G) Tested
R3 000,00Price